Being Disney Addicts

Hi, I'm Robin and I'm a Disney addict. Sometimes I think I need a support group. A lot of my money goes to my Disney trips and Disney fashion, even so much I dont have money to smoke or drink. Let's see what Disney Addicts really are. Getting that Disney high Everyone who loves Disney … Continue reading Being Disney Addicts


Disney+; the week after

Its been a week now since Disney+ was released in The Netherlands. I've already written a review about it, however I wanted to give my honest about how this week of Disney+ was for me. What to watch One of the problems of Disney+ isnt a real problem. It's more of a first world problem. … Continue reading Disney+; the week after

Disney+ Review

Yesterday Disney+ got launched in The Netherlands, making us the luckiest people in the world. My phone was glowing red of notifications from friends and websites I follow. This was the biggest news since the opening of Disneyland Paris for us Dutch people. Everyone I know is trying the free trial, and everyone is excited … Continue reading Disney+ Review

Dealing With Disney Blues

You just came back from a fantastic Disney trip and you feel it. It's in your stomach, in your heart and it brings you down. No you don't have the Zika virus, you have what Doctors refer to as Disney Blues. It's a common problem most Disney fans have. If you want to read more … Continue reading Dealing With Disney Blues

Disney Double Dream Date – Lion King

Recently we took our Disney Dream Dates to a whole new level. For the new Lion King we went on a Disney Double date. It took some planning and arranging but it was definitely woth it! Let's discover our Disney Double Dream Date! What should we do? When planning a Disney Dream Date you have … Continue reading Disney Double Dream Date – Lion King

Disney Fashion is everywhere!

Not a day has gone by that I haven't loved Disney fashion. It's fun and brings the best of memories back. Lately I've noticed that Disney fashion is everywhere and I'm very well pleased with it. Because why not make the world a more happy place? Show your love to a brand that you adore … Continue reading Disney Fashion is everywhere!

New Ship Name Revealed: Disney Cruise WIsh

This just in, Disney finally revealed the name of their new Cruise Line Ship! It's been publicly known that Disney was busy building new cruise ships because of the popularity over the last couple of years. 3 New ships are being build and the first name is in! Now with the new ship name revealed; … Continue reading New Ship Name Revealed: Disney Cruise WIsh

Our Press Cards while reporting on the Disney Magic

Visiting The Disney Magic In Amsterdam

Reporting to you directly life from about 200 meters from the Disney Magic in a local Subway Diner. We just spend a lot of time taking pictures for our Instagram of the Disney Magic, and we had an absolute blast doing so! It's so huge! While I waited for My Disney Princess to meet with … Continue reading Visiting The Disney Magic In Amsterdam

Disney Magic landed in the port of Amsterdam

Visiting a Disney Cruise in my home town

Today me and My Disney Princess are visiting our shared home town to see the Disney Cruise Ship The Disney Magic. And we couldn't be more excited! You can read about the actual visit here! Being a cruise veteran I've been on a couple of cruises in my day with my parents and I've loved … Continue reading Visiting a Disney Cruise in my home town