Disney Couples Have Better Relationships

Recently a study has come out from the university Kansas that Couples who both love Disney have better relationships. More than 15.000 people over a span of 30 years were studied and seen what made them a better couple. Turns out there is one grand ingredient for success in a relationship. Disney Couples have better … Continue reading Disney Couples Have Better Relationships


Boy Meets World Hold Up Great!

Now with Disney+ available in The Netherlands I wanted to start watching Boy Meets World again. I wanted to know if it would hold up the test of time seeing that it is a show of the early 90's to the late 90's. And boy oh boy, Boy Meets World holds up great! Let's discuss it … Continue reading Boy Meets World Hold Up Great!

Mouse Mingle Worth it?

If you are a Disney nut like me you might have seen ads for Mouse Mingle. If you have friends who know you as the biggest single Disney fan. They might have advised you to check out this dating site. But what is Mouse Mingle? And why should you care? Is Mouse Mingle a Disney … Continue reading Mouse Mingle Worth it?

Disney Double Dream Date – Lion King

Recently we took our Disney Dream Dates to a whole new level. For the new Lion King we went on a Disney Double date. It took some planning and arranging but it was definitely woth it! Let's discover our Disney Double Dream Date! What should we do? When planning a Disney Dream Date you have … Continue reading Disney Double Dream Date – Lion King

Disney Love, What is it?

We've all been in love, we've all experienced puppy love. But what is the difference between "normal love" and Disney love? Now that I'm in my first real Disney Relationship I'd like to find out. And from what I've noticed, there are differences. So the question is; Disney Love, what is it? "Did you know … Continue reading Disney Love, What is it?

Our Press Cards while reporting on the Disney Magic

Visiting The Disney Magic In Amsterdam

Reporting to you directly life from about 200 meters from the Disney Magic in a local Subway Diner. We just spend a lot of time taking pictures for our Instagram of the Disney Magic, and we had an absolute blast doing so! It's so huge! While I waited for My Disney Princess to meet with … Continue reading Visiting The Disney Magic In Amsterdam

Disney Magic landed in the port of Amsterdam

Visiting a Disney Cruise in my home town

Today me and My Disney Princess are visiting our shared home town to see the Disney Cruise Ship The Disney Magic. And we couldn't be more excited! You can read about the actual visit here! Being a cruise veteran I've been on a couple of cruises in my day with my parents and I've loved … Continue reading Visiting a Disney Cruise in my home town

Disneybounding as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Finding Romance in Disneyland

Finding romance in Disneyland is like looking for an Elsa cosplayer at Comic Con, it is literally everywhere! From the romance in Mainstreet USA, to the point where you see the castle. Romance in Disney has been imagineered to let you live your dreams. What are some of my favorite spots and memories? Let's find … Continue reading Finding Romance in Disneyland

My Disney Sexuality

I've grown up with Disney since I could breath and Disney has taught me a lot of lessons in my lifetime. Being who I want to be is the most important lesson. My gender is not who I am Growing up in the 80s and 90s meant that you got your gender by birth and … Continue reading My Disney Sexuality

Adult Disney: A Disney future together

Being in a Disney couple means that you both love Disney so much you want it in your everyday life. But how to go by without being a Disney hoarder or that couple nobody wants to be with? Planning a future Me and My Disney Princess have been dating for 8 months now. And in … Continue reading Adult Disney: A Disney future together