Solo Travel: Romance on first sight

When you are traveling solo you might not expect to find your true love, but what if you could? Traveling is really romantic and bumping into your prince charming or princess when you would not expect it? Cruises A lot of people see cruises as old people ships, but in the last 20 years a … Continue reading Solo Travel: Romance on first sight

Disney Dinners: Aladdin

When me and My Disney Princess started dating we did a week full of Disney Dinners. That all to celebrate our love for eachother and Disney. Having someone who loves Disney as much as you do is something quite rare and amazing in this world. A Whole New World When I met my Disney Princess … Continue reading Disney Dinners: Aladdin

Adult Disney: taking your loved one to Disney

I've made it no secret that I'm super hyped to be taking My Princess to Disneyland Paris. But why am I so hyped up about it? Sharing memories When you are a couple it's really important to create memories that will last a life time. Because when it's hard in life you can always think … Continue reading Adult Disney: taking your loved one to Disney

Disneybounding: First Photoshoot

Yesterday we did our very first photoshoot in on of our favorite local places. A couple century old Dutch fort as protection for Amsterdam. Nowadays it is a local tourist attraction, and amazingly beautiful. If you are ever in The Netherlands you should consider visiting this awesome place. Choosing the perfect Disneybound For our first … Continue reading Disneybounding: First Photoshoot

Adult Disney: What Is Disneybounding

Disneybounding is the Disney version of Cosplay but different. Dressing up as your favorite Disney character in casual clothing in a reimagine of what you think your favorite characters would look like in modern life. Fashion Disneybounding is all about fashion. Your clothing will show your apreciation and love for your favorite character. Ever wondered … Continue reading Adult Disney: What Is Disneybounding

Adult Disney: Becoming A Real Life Disney Prince(ss)

If you've been following my blog for a while you probably have noticed that me and My Disney Princess are working on becoming a serious Disney couple. But how can you become just that? Dedication and hard work The Disney characters you see in the parks work really hard to become perfection. But we all … Continue reading Adult Disney: Becoming A Real Life Disney Prince(ss)

Adult Disney: Matching Disney Tattoos

If you had ask me 8 months ago if I'd ever get a matching tattoo I would have called you crazy. But now with my Disney Princess I'm all in! Tattoos The idea of the tattoos came from our history together and our future. For the last 8 years or so I've felt like Stitch. … Continue reading Adult Disney: Matching Disney Tattoos

Disney Dream Dates

When you think of Disney you might think of princesses and romance. That's what I think anyway. I would like to explain the concept that me and my Disney Princess are making right now. Disney Dream Date A Disney dream date is based on the romance you might have only experienced in movies, but we … Continue reading Disney Dream Dates

Adult Disney: Romantic Gestures

When you start dating a Disney nut, you know you need to step up to your A game. They grew up with Disney romance ofcourse. The little things A lot of people who believe they have to be romantic you need to do huge gestures. But it is the little things that count the most. … Continue reading Adult Disney: Romantic Gestures