Disney Fox Deal Sealed!

Today is the day people! Fox and Disney are merged! Last year Disney did an offer that Fox couldn't refuse. A whooping 71 billion dollars has been paid by Disney to take over the movie and television department of Fox. What does this mean? Well this means that Disney owns more than half of Hollywood … Continue reading Disney Fox Deal Sealed!

Disney Merchandise Heaven

If you have ever been to Disneyland or Disneyworld you know about the massive amounts of merchandise Disney sells to eager fans. The merchandise goes from simple buttons to the most amazing artworks you could ever imagine for an astronomical price! Pins Disney loves their pins! You can find them in any Disney shop in … Continue reading Disney Merchandise Heaven

How Disney Movies Change With Time

I think every kid grows up with at least one Disney movie they will remember for the rest of their lives. And most Disney movies stand the test of time pretty darn well. But some change in a way you'd never expect! A Goofy Movie A Goofy Movie is one of those movies that drastically … Continue reading How Disney Movies Change With Time

Major Walt Disney Studios Expansion!

On February 27th 2018 there was major news coming for the oh so needed Walt Disney Studios. There was a major expansion announced! Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company announced that, after they bought back Disneyland Paris from the EuroDisney company, they will inject 3 billion dollar into the French resort. We will … Continue reading Major Walt Disney Studios Expansion!

Outside look of Art of Animation

Art of Animation Closing in Disneyland Paris

On the 7th of January Art of Animation in the Walt Disney Studios park in Disneyland Paris closed its door forever. Art of Animation, not be confused with the hotel in Walt Disney World, was one of the opening attractions of Walt Disney Studios on 16th of March 2016. With its iconic Hollywood style building … Continue reading Art of Animation Closing in Disneyland Paris