Adult Disney: Disney Music is Your Personal Soundtrack

We've all grown up with Disney Music in our lifes, and many of us still enjoy it almost every day. What if I told you that it already is your own soundtrack of your life? Favorite music When you listen to Disney Music you tend to get memories and feelings. It was designed to be … Continue reading Adult Disney: Disney Music is Your Personal Soundtrack


Disney Fit: How to start?

Everybody would love to be in shape. I've told myself for years and years that I don't need to be in shape anymore, I was old in my mind, I didn't need to prove myself anymore. How could I ever been this wrong? Goals First determine what you goal is. What kind of body do … Continue reading Disney Fit: How to start?

Getting Fit With Disney

You have your Disney vacation booked and you want to look fantastic? Or do you want to feel better in life? Well both are what I want to accomplish! For the biggest part of the last decade I've been feeling depressed, not worth anything and overall not the best I should have felt. If this … Continue reading Getting Fit With Disney