Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel is the top tier hotel in Disneyland Paris, it is located right above the main gate of Disneyland Paris and if you are in the right room you’ll have a beautiful view of the park itself.

Because it is a top tier hotel the price is also top tier, if you’d go in the middle of march it would set you back 726,80 for 2 people and 2 days in the parks.
So is that worth it? If you have the money and you want to be as close to the parks and you can get, I would say why not? But compared to the other hotels this is a pretty hefty price. But for a real disney fan, this is a must!

Castle Club

Just like all the other hotels you also have special floors and in the Disneyland hotel these are called the Castle Club.
This will garantee you the best visuals, you have a special breakfast area where characters will greet you and spend time with you. Also you’ll have your own (with the other Castle Club guests) elevator to get to the parks in under a minute.
With the Castle Club you can ask the Congierge to get a specific Disney movie playing in your room.
There is no price listed on the website, but I’d imagine it will be around a thousand euro’s per night for 2 people.



Just like all the other (non budget) hotels on site, there will be a pool. This pool is themed with a Victorian era theme. If you decide that you do need swiming atire there are some vending machines on site that have them for sale, but it’s best to always pack swimming atire, even if you don’t need them. It’s handy that they have a special Vending machine for it, but it’s rather expensive.
This is the only pool excluded from the Infinity Annual Pass where you can swim at Disneyland Paris pools.