Pre-planning your trip:

Traveling Solo can be a daunting task, but is it really so scary?
Personally my answer is no!

Traveling solo can be a new way of traveling for anyone, no matter your age or gender, but it all starts with the first big step!

So, how does one start planning a solo trip?
First of, destination! Because this is a Disney website, we will take Disneyland Paris.
Disneyland Paris is a perfect place for solo traveling, why? Here are some pro’s and cons!


  • You are in control, don’t want to go to that show or parade? You don’t need to! Just do whatever you would like to!
  • It’s one of the smallest Disney destinations, so there’s much less of alone time. Not that any time in Disney is alone time, but because it’s smaller you won’t be strolling around doing nothing.
  • It’s pretty easy to access! Just go by bus, train or airplane and everything will be done for you, no need to sit in your car for 4 hours alone.
  • On site hotels are walking distance from the parks with the most walking is about 15 minutes.
  • Single Rider Lines! Don’t want to wait 2 hours inline? Just ride the single rider line and you will be paired with other people who don’t have anyone next to them.
  • Music is everywhere to distract you. “Wait, is that an instrumental of my favorite song?” Just sing your heart out, nobody knows you!
  • And much more, this list will grow!


  • Hotels can be expensive alone. Hotels charge you for the room, not per person, so going alone will give you the whole room for the same price as if you are going with 4 people.
  • Dining can be lonely, but keep your head up, be pro active and before you know you made friends with the waiter or the people next to you! But then again, you are allowed to not sit with anyone else and can leave whenever you want!
  • It can feel pretty awkward with the parades and fireworks, but then again, you have all control, you don’t need to do anything!

These Cons are all subjective and can be different from person to person.


Ok, you have decided that you want to start, but how will you travel to the happiest place on earth? The options are:

  • Car
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Airplane

Traveling by car can be great if you have a driver’s licence, parking is free at the hotels if you have a reservation so that’s a big plus!
Depending on where you come from it can be a large trip, personally I’d travel from Amsterdam, so that would be 5 to 6 hours alone in the car, so is it perfect for solo travel?
No, but it is doable for sure! Just make sure that you have a phone with you incase your car breaks down and maybe some extra supplies!

Traveling by bus has never been appealing to me because you have not much movement options and it can take 8 to 9 hours to get there and you don’t control the stops of the bus and if you aren’t lucky you can sit there with a bunch of rowdy drunk college kids.
It definitely is a cheap option, but for a couple of bucks extra you can go with other options.
A lot of bus providers only drive to Paris but will call it a Disneyland Paris trip and then you still have to travel by public transport or a taxi/├╝ber to the resort so that’s not the best option if that happens.

Traveling by train can be a relaxing endeavour because you sit down in the international train and you just go! Most international trains do have a place to buy food, but you can still take your own food. Bring a book, laptop, tablet and you are good to go.
From Amsterdam it is only 4 hours with the newly announced connection to the gates of Disneyland Paris and it’s said to be 35 euro’s for a one way trip, so 70 euro’s for a fast connection is not a bad thing!

Airplanes are my personal preference, altough from Schiphol Airport it is only an hour to hour and an half, you still have the minimum 2 hour before check in rule, and you still need atleast 40 minutes by bus or train to the parks.
But in the end Airplanes give me the best vacation feeling, nowadays it’s very inexpensive to fly short distances, so it can be cheap.

So with these first tips go search for your best options and be sure to read the upcoming posts that I will post here.

If you have any ideas on new fun subjects or if you have questions, make sure to make a comment on the bottom of the page!



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