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What do I write about?

I mainly write about Adult Disney and Solo Travel all around the world! In my blogs I try to answer the big questions people seem to have about traveling and being a Disney Adult.

Disney Adult

What actually is a Disney adult? A Disney Adult is someone who enjoys Disney in their later adult life. Most Disney Adults have grown up with Disney movies, Disney Resorts and all things Disney.

But being a Disney Adult is hard, you get judged by a lot of people for liking things that only little kids, in their eyes, would enjoy.
My topics range from Romance to Travel. And together with my readers I want to break the stigma around the “Aren’t you too old for Disney?”

Solo Travel

I have traveled a lot, most of it was with my parents but the last 11 years I’ve mainly traveled solo. I go to restaurants and movie theaters solo, not because I can’t find anyone to go with, but because I enjoy the alone time and the adventures you will get.


I really enjoy writing about the adventures you will get while being solo, why you should open yourself up to new exciting possibilities and experiences.


I really like to give people tips on how to travel smarter, what to take with you on your trips. How to save money. How to stay save.

Girl Travel

I just started a new segment on my blog called Girl Travel. Girls are not known for their solo traveling, but a lot of girls do travel solo. So with the help of my friend Gabriella we try to show that girls can travel alone, and they really should get the experience!
This in fact is my most popular blog to this date!

How to contact to sponsor me?

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