What do I look for in a Disney Princess?

You probably already read a couple of things if you are reading this, but if you have no idea who I am, let me introduce myself. I'm Robin, 32 years old (by march) and I'm a Disney Freak. I also love to write about Romantic Disney stuff! So I'm giving advice on what you should … Continue reading What do I look for in a Disney Princess?


Is there place for Deadpool in Disney?

I think everyone and their grandmother have heard that Disney acquired the tv and movie departments of Fox. One of the biggest trade deals in history. One of the biggest stars of Fox right now is Deadpool, but is he the right fit for Disney?   Disney is getting a lot of flack from mature … Continue reading Is there place for Deadpool in Disney?

Too old for Disney?

"Aren't you too old for Disney?" Let's raise some hands, who has heard this before? You are at work and you walk in with your favorite Mickey Mouse shirt and you have all the confidence in the world and you hear: "Aren't you too old for Disney?". Man if I got a dollar for everytime … Continue reading Too old for Disney?

Disney Dating

I think we all have ever thought of dating another Disney nut like yourself right? I've been thinking about it a lot and I've found out that it is really hard to find a partner who loves Disney just as much as I do. Disney Dating Sites There is one Disney Dating Site that I … Continue reading Disney Dating