Adult Disney: how I became someone’s Disney Prince

Every girl dreams of finding her own Disney Prince or Princess. Every guy would love to have his own Disney Princess or Prince. Why not make some great effort and become someone's prince or princess? Real love If you, like me, live and breath Disney then you undoubtedly believe in true love. But love isnt … Continue reading Adult Disney: how I became someone’s Disney Prince

Disney Dating: Avengers Date Preperation

As we all know by now, Avengers Endgame is coming! The biggest conclusion in Marvel Cinematic Universe History! My Disney Princess is coming with me to the premiere of Avengers End Game, and it's going to be one of our awesome Disney Dates! Preparation To get a Disney Date to its Disney awesomeness, you will … Continue reading Disney Dating: Avengers Date Preperation

Disney Dating: Disneyland Pre-fun!

A couple of days ago I told my very own Disney Princess that we are going to Disneyland Paris. And from that very moment our pre-fun started! Excitement I recently sold the rights of my first game to an investor and the moment I got the news I told my Disney Princess that we were … Continue reading Disney Dating: Disneyland Pre-fun!

Disney Dating: Dating at the Parks

So you've been dating with this person for a while and you want to include him or her to the most magical place in your heart. Great! But also be careful. Magic is never guaranteed. Disney calls themselves the happiest place on earth. And yes, it really is. But to make the magic happen is … Continue reading Disney Dating: Dating at the Parks

Disney Dating: Confidence

Like my awesome friend Anniej said, it's all about confidence. Even if you aren't the greatest looking person in the world, it is still about confidence. Asking someone out It can feel incredibly scary to ask someone out. But most of the time it is just in our head. You can talk to anyone you … Continue reading Disney Dating: Confidence