Disney dating: Movie theater

If you've been following my blog for a bit you know that me and My Disney Princess have been doing special Disney Dates for a while. Our favorite is defenitly the movie theater. Romance on the big screen There's something magical about going to the movies. The screen is bigger but so are your emotions. … Continue reading Disney dating: Movie theater


Disneybounding: First Photoshoot

Yesterday we did our very first photoshoot in on of our favorite local places. A couple century old Dutch fort as protection for Amsterdam. Nowadays it is a local tourist attraction, and amazingly beautiful. If you are ever in The Netherlands you should consider visiting this awesome place. Choosing the perfect Disneybound For our first … Continue reading Disneybounding: First Photoshoot

Disneybounding: How to start

Disneybounding is a very exciting way to show your love for your favorite characters. It is also a great way to show your fashion sense and creativity. But how can you get started? Where should you get your clothes? Authentic vs Modern First you need to think of what kind of style you want for … Continue reading Disneybounding: How to start

Adult Disney: What Is Disneybounding

Disneybounding is the Disney version of Cosplay but different. Dressing up as your favorite Disney character in casual clothing in a reimagine of what you think your favorite characters would look like in modern life. Fashion Disneybounding is all about fashion. Your clothing will show your apreciation and love for your favorite character. Ever wondered … Continue reading Adult Disney: What Is Disneybounding

Adult Disney: making a new Disney friend

Most Star Wars geeks know 5th of may as Revenge of the 5th, for us Dutchies we know it as Liberation Day. My Disney princess invited me to celibrate liberation day together. Meeting the Disney Friend My Disney princess introduced me to her long time Disney friend and me being an introvert this was about … Continue reading Adult Disney: making a new Disney friend

Amsterdam: Discovering the city on the Canals

One of my bucketlist items has always been to really discover the city where I was born and raised by going on a boat and tour the canals. I don't mean the tour boats, I mean just hanging out with friends on a small boat and have a lot of fun. And I have done … Continue reading Amsterdam: Discovering the city on the Canals

Friends with benefits and substitute boy/girlfriend

Adult Disney; Friends with Benefits: Doing Stuff Together

In my previous blog about Friends With Benefits I explained what it is how to be a friend with benefit and what you should think of before you go the distance. This time I want to talk about the friend part, doing fun stuff together Being Friends It is a lot of fun to have … Continue reading Adult Disney; Friends with Benefits: Doing Stuff Together

Solo Travel: Learning the Local Language

*Disclaimer: this blog is not sponsored by Duolingo, I think it's an amazing product for anyone to use* When traveling to foreign countries with foreign languages it can be really helpful to know the local language. Sure technology will bring you far, but you will still be seen as that tourist. Locals can be impressed … Continue reading Solo Travel: Learning the Local Language

How to approach your Disney Prince(ss)

Like many, I find dating new people really hard. You have to get to know them, you need to learn a whole lot of new stuff, and it is stepping out of your comfort zone. All the stress of all the firsts isn't helping either. But let me tell you, it is very much worth … Continue reading How to approach your Disney Prince(ss)