Wish Upon A Star is Growing!

For this blog I want to be more personal and tell you more about Wish Upon A Star. If you read this then you are probably following my blog and I want to say I appreciate your daily/weekly/monthly reading so much! You are the reason why we can go on with our concept. It all … Continue reading Wish Upon A Star is Growing!


Adult Disney: A Disney future together

Being in a Disney couple means that you both love Disney so much you want it in your everyday life. But how to go by without being a Disney hoarder or that couple nobody wants to be with? Planning a future Me and My Disney Princess have been dating for 8 months now. And in … Continue reading Adult Disney: A Disney future together

Disney Dream Dates

When you think of Disney you might think of princesses and romance. That's what I think anyway. I would like to explain the concept that me and my Disney Princess are making right now. Disney Dream Date A Disney dream date is based on the romance you might have only experienced in movies, but we … Continue reading Disney Dream Dates