Being a Disney Fan at work and how to balance your passion with your work

At work you have all kinds of different people with their own identities. Disney fans have a rather visible work identity. But how can you balance that with your work life? How can you be a Disney Fan at work. Fandom meets work Disney is a very common fandom. Everyone and their grandmas love atleast … Continue reading Being a Disney Fan at work and how to balance your passion with your work


Disney+ is the best family streaming service

Netflix and YouTube might have an option in their service to only get kid friendly videos. However Disney has made a whole streaming service that is safe for children of all ages to watch. Let's discuss why Disney+ is the best family streaming service. Family First When Walt Disney dreamed of Disneyland, he dreamed of … Continue reading Disney+ is the best family streaming service

Disney+ Review

Yesterday Disney+ got launched in The Netherlands, making us the luckiest people in the world. My phone was glowing red of notifications from friends and websites I follow. This was the biggest news since the opening of Disneyland Paris for us Dutch people. Everyone I know is trying the free trial, and everyone is excited … Continue reading Disney+ Review

Is Disneybounding for Guys?

Disneybounding is a wide spreading phenomenon in and outside of the Disney Resorts.  Some might think, because it is a fashion thing, that it would be mostly girls Disneybounding. But a lot of guys love to Disneybound as well. Fashion for men I've never been a fashion guy myself. Don't get me wrong, I always … Continue reading Is Disneybounding for Guys?

My Disney Sexuality

I've grown up with Disney since I could breath and Disney has taught me a lot of lessons in my lifetime. Being who I want to be is the most important lesson. My gender is not who I am Growing up in the 80s and 90s meant that you got your gender by birth and … Continue reading My Disney Sexuality

Two Ariel's meeting each other for the first time

Disneybounding: The Perfect Photo Shoot

We just came back from Disneyland Paris and we took around 400 pictures in 2 days time. That might sound like that we only looked at the magic trough our lenses. But that isn't even true, we just enjoyed the magic so much that we took pictures whenever we saw magic. If you want to … Continue reading Disneybounding: The Perfect Photo Shoot

Disneybounding as a couple

Disneybounding is a lot of fun. Doing that with someone else is even more fun. From planning your cooperative disneybound to actually doing it, it will be something fun to do with friends or your loved one. Let's explore what it is to be Disneybounding as a couple. What is Disneybounding? A lot of people … Continue reading Disneybounding as a couple

Disney Dating: My Experience as a Disney Couple

When you are a hardcore Disney fan you want to have a significant other who loves Disney as much as you do. So when you are looking for someone to build a future with you want someone who is willing to go on Disney Vacations. Equality Disney has taught us from the beginning that equality … Continue reading Disney Dating: My Experience as a Disney Couple

Disney dating: Movie theater

If you've been following my blog for a bit you know that me and My Disney Princess have been doing special Disney Dates for a while. Our favorite is defenitly the movie theater. Romance on the big screen There's something magical about going to the movies. The screen is bigger but so are your emotions. … Continue reading Disney dating: Movie theater

How Disney made me want to change my life

I inspire to be a Disney Princess As a child I always wanted to be a Disney Princess but knew I never could. Now an adult I asked myself one day; “Well, who says I can't be?” So what did I do to feel like a Disney Princess? First thing was to finally love myself … Continue reading How Disney made me want to change my life