Solo Disney Cruise

One of the trips I have constantly been checking up if it's possible solo is a Disney Cruise. I've been on a couple of cruises with my parents when I was a teenager and I have to say that I have the Cruise bug. But a Disney cruise is from a whole other level! But … Doorgaan met het lezen van Solo Disney Cruise

A Disney Resort Date

So you have dived down in the dating pool, found yourself a Disney princess and you want to take her to the most magical and romantic place on earth? Look no further and let me give you some ideas. Disney resorts are easily the most romantic places of Disney. It's a place to relax, to … Doorgaan met het lezen van A Disney Resort Date

Is there place for Deadpool in Disney?

I think everyone and their grandmother have heard that Disney acquired the tv and movie departments of Fox. One of the biggest trade deals in history. One of the biggest stars of Fox right now is Deadpool, but is he the right fit for Disney?   Disney is getting a lot of flack from mature … Doorgaan met het lezen van Is there place for Deadpool in Disney?

Marvel cooler than Disney?

Like you might know by now, I'm a huge Disney geek, but I've also been a huge Marvel fan. Ever since the 90s when the spider-man animated adventures came out and the amazing X-men animated adventures, I've been a marvelite. Every Saturday morning I was glued to the television to see the new adventures. I … Doorgaan met het lezen van Marvel cooler than Disney?

Too old for Disney?

"Aren't you too old for Disney?" Let's raise some hands, who has heard this before? You are at work and you walk in with your favorite Mickey Mouse shirt and you have all the confidence in the world and you hear: "Aren't you too old for Disney?". Man if I got a dollar for everytime … Doorgaan met het lezen van Too old for Disney?