Adult Disney: Everyone can afford Disney

I often hear: "I cannot afford a Disney vacation, it's too expensive". But what if I told you that everyone could afford a Disney vacation in some kind of way? You need some dedication and savings. It's too expensive Disney is expensive, yes that is true, but in a way every vacation is expensive in … Continue reading Adult Disney: Everyone can afford Disney

Disneyworld: My Best Memories

It's been 14 years since I went to the magical place called Disney World. And ever since I stepped foot back in Amsterdam I've always longed to go back. Back to the place I call home. I have some of my best memories there. Oversea trip As a European you don't go to the US … Continue reading Disneyworld: My Best Memories

Your first solo trip!

A solo trip can be an amazing experience, especially when you do it for the first time. Most first time solo travelers have said that it is almost a religious experience. Your senses get so many stimuli all at once. So are you thinking about doing you first solo trip? Or are you thinking about … Continue reading Your first solo trip!

Disneyland Paris Day One: Hotel Check in

After about an hour in the (not so) Magical Express, we arrived at the beautiful Sequoia Lodge. Even though I'm not that positive about the Magical Express, I am very happy that they dropped me off at the door at the hotel. It would have been more of a hassle when traveling by train back … Continue reading Disneyland Paris Day One: Hotel Check in

Solo Travel: Life Changing Experience

Ever since my first solo trip I'm always thinking of that next special solo trip I want to do. I could write a book with all the ideas I have for my next adventures. And it's true what people write about Solo Travel, you will become a different person, it literally is a life changing … Continue reading Solo Travel: Life Changing Experience

Solo Travel: Luggage Safety

No matter if you are a backpacker or a holiday traveler, we all worry about our luggage everytime we travel. So what are some tips to ensure your luggage to be safe? Keep sight of it at all times Even before 9/11 airports have been pushing hard on keeping your luggage with you the whole … Continue reading Solo Travel: Luggage Safety

Solo Travel: When To Say No

In my last article where I told you to say yes more often I explained the importance when to say yes. But when should you definitely say no? This doesn't sound tricky, but if someone very charismatic comes your way and tells you he has the experience of a lifetime waiting for you, you might get … Continue reading Solo Travel: When To Say No