Hurricane Dorian

Walt Disney Company Donates 1 Million to Bahamas

We've all heard about Hurricane Dorian and what kind of devastation it caused on the Bahamas. It truly did a number on one of the favorite vacation spot of millions of people. The big blue oceans and white beaches bring people to these magical islands every year. And Disney itself has a cruise line that … Continue reading Walt Disney Company Donates 1 Million to Bahamas


Disneyland Paris: Bad Service?

While I was doing my search for info on Disneyland Paris a couple of years back I came up to a lot of reviews of Disneyland Paris and I read a lot of bad service. But is Disneyland Paris known for bad service for a reason? Or is it ungrounded? Culture France has a very … Continue reading Disneyland Paris: Bad Service?

Disney Fox Deal Sealed!

Today is the day people! Fox and Disney are merged! Last year Disney did an offer that Fox couldn't refuse. A whooping 71 billion dollars has been paid by Disney to take over the movie and television department of Fox. What does this mean? Well this means that Disney owns more than half of Hollywood … Continue reading Disney Fox Deal Sealed!