Top 5 Why You Should Go Solo To Disney

We all have a great love for Disney, why would you even read a Disney blog if you didn't? So let me explain in 5 steps why you should consider going solo to a Disney resort. Without further adieu here is the Top 5 why you should go solo to Disney. 1. Freedom When you … Continue reading Top 5 Why You Should Go Solo To Disney


Best Disney Castle Ever

When Walt Disney designed Disneyland he made a castle that would put Americans in awe. However us Europeans have castles much more impressive in our figuratively backyards. Why does Disneyland Paris have the best castle? The pink castle on a hill One thing the castles in the US have in common are that they are … Continue reading Best Disney Castle Ever

Top 10 Don’ts at Disney Parks

When you go to a Disney Park you are overwhelmed by all the options you get from Disney. However there are a lot of things you should not do in the parks. If you are a Disney park first timer and don't know the do's and don'ts this will help you! Let's look at the … Continue reading Top 10 Don’ts at Disney Parks

Adult Disney: taking your loved one to Disney

I've made it no secret that I'm super hyped to be taking My Princess to Disneyland Paris. But why am I so hyped up about it? Sharing memories When you are a couple it's really important to create memories that will last a life time. Because when it's hard in life you can always think … Continue reading Adult Disney: taking your loved one to Disney

Disneyworld: My Best Memories

It's been 14 years since I went to the magical place called Disney World. And ever since I stepped foot back in Amsterdam I've always longed to go back. Back to the place I call home. I have some of my best memories there. Oversea trip As a European you don't go to the US … Continue reading Disneyworld: My Best Memories

Solo Travel: Airplane Tickets

*disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these companies* When deciding what kind of trip you want to do, Airplane Tickets is always something to consider. Where to buy them and where to get them cheap. But is cheap always the best option? Let's find out! If you have ever checked for cheap … Continue reading Solo Travel: Airplane Tickets

Is Disney World Worth It As A European?

I think many Europeans have asked themselves if they should take a trip to the most magical place in the world. I know that I have. But it is very expensive, and with very expensive I mean you need to sell a kidney for the VIP feel. But there's so much more to it! In … Continue reading Is Disney World Worth It As A European?

Disneyland paris vs Disney world

This is a question a lot of Europeans have. Should i go cheaper and go to Disneyland Paris or go all the way and go to Orlando for Disney World? Well its comparing a mosquito to a giant, because as we all know, Disneyland Paris resort is pretty small. Small does have benefits though. Onsite … Continue reading Disneyland paris vs Disney world